School Infrastructure



Features that help students make the best of their formative years

Learning that goes beyond the boundaries of a set curriculum. Equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities. Technology-based teaching strategies for effective learning. Close supervision of curriculum delivery and assessment. Individual attention to enhance performance. Appreciation for nature and sustainable green initiatives. Development of empathy and compassion towards the underprivileged. Development of a multicultural, multilingual and tolerant student community. Exposure to global perspectives and engagement with international issues.

Digitized Classroom

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s gives impetus to the instructional facility with th

e application of smart classes. This digital initiative has improved teachers effectiveness and proficiency. It connects abstract and difficult concepts to real life. It makes l

earning an enjoyable experience for the students and enabled multi sensory learning in classrooms.

Effectiveness of Technology aided Class rooms

• Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.
• It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
• Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
• Improves academic performance of students.
• It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.
• Day to day support and monitoring of usage.

Science Lab




The laboratory has been given a central and distinctive role in science education, and science educators have suggested that there are rich benefits in learning from using laboratory activities.

Bhavan’s has a spacious and well-equipped Physics Lab, a well-outfitted Chemistry Lab and a fully functional Biology Lab. The Laboratories are equipped to handle National Curriculums up to Class XII. Our laboratories enable better understanding of classroom teaching through hands-on practice. Our aim is to inculcate in our students scientific temper and a spirit of inquiry.

Compute Lab

These days every single person is familiar with the word-computer. In fact modern world will be incomplete without computers and their applications. Keeping this in mind Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s is giving more importance to Information Technology. Bhavan’s has two well equipped Computer Lab with many computers and well qualified teachers who are always ready

to make the students understand the subject practically and theoretically.

In Primary classes (I to V): – The focus is on learning the basic of computer s

cience and on understanding the MS Office package along with a programming language.

In Middle classes (VI to VIII): – The courses move beyond the elementary level and introduce Flash, HTML, FrontPage, Photoshop, and Visual Basic.

At High School (IX & X): – The aim of the course is to provide a clear conceptual understanding and practical experience of working with various information technology tools.

The contents include the basics Information Technology, Information Processing Tools, Office Tools, HTML and XML with special sections on IT applications and the societal impacts of IT. Under Office Tools, Word Processing, Presentation tools, Spreadsheets and Database Management are dealt with in details.

As examples of Operating Systems and Office tools, we have taken MS Windows (MS Windows XP) and MS Office(MS Office 2007 version).

At Higher Secondary School (XI & XII): – The aim of the course is to provide the best understanding of the Computer Science and Informatics Practices subjects.

School Ground





The school has a vast ground and facilities for cricket, football and throw ball etc. Matches are held during the year between the four houses that compete keenly in track and field events as well. March past and display drills are part of the ceremonial parades held on national festivals.


A well equipped Library consisting of titles on various subjects for general reading is provided in the school. To encourage reading and make the experience even more delightful, we have provided our younger students with reading corners.

English and Malayalam dailies and magazines are also available in the library.



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