School Overview



Our activity-based learning programme gives young learners the framework to develop skills in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Languages. The programme helps children learn how to ask difficult questions, explore the options and discover their solutions on their own. Emphasis on Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening), for effective communication, is a priority. Holistic development of each child is also achieved through specially selected activities, which form a part of the school routine.

Salient features:

Activity based and stress free learning
Emphasis on understanding and application
Opportunities to discover knowledge
Integration of technology in day-to-day classroom teaching and learning
Emphasis on social responsibilities
Learning beyond the textbook and relating to real life experiences
Developing qualities of leadership, along with creative and aesthetic sense
Nurturing and encouraging the spirit of enquiry
Being able to learn without feeling the stress
Homework in the form of assignments or projects

Secondary Grades (VI to X)

The sensitive transition from primary to secondary is carefully planned, to prepare students for the more formal and structured style of learning in the secondary years. Holistic development of each child is achieved through carefully chosen activities:

From Grade VIII onwards, the emphasis is more toward academics and students can choose any activity. We ensure complete integration of academics and activities within the programme.



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