General Information

General Information


Admission is open to all students subject to merit based on an entrance test and availability of seats. Normal strength of students is limited to 40 per division.


By considering the new CBSE regulations there will be two terminal examinations and internal assessment through class tests. Projects will be conducted throughout the year. Students are advised not to be absent for these tests. From class VI onwards, it is mandatory to write and pass the summative assessment to get promoted to the next class. The progress report will also contain information about the students’ all round development.


The school has a House System which is service-cum training in organization. Its aims are

• To promote the welfare of the students
• To promote better student-teacher relationship
• To impart citizenship training;
• To encourage self-discipline;
• To teach skill management and leadership

The students have been classified into 4 Houses as under
Dharma, Karma, Thyaga & Satya

Each house is headed by a house captain. Co-curricular activities are organised with the guidance of house mothers/house masters. A healthy and keen spirit of competition is nurtured. The house captains perform the following duties in rotation.

• Management of morning assembly
• A thought for the day in the assembly. Explanation of the thought in a short speech in the assembly.
• Checking of the late-comers and marking them in the register for action against defaulters.
• Maintenance of order during recess.
• Looking after general cleanliness
• Checking of School-Uniforms.
• Arranging house competitions in sports, arts and cultural activities.


Only Vegetarian food will be allowed in the school.



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